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Overview, Properties And Characteristics Of HDPE Geomembrane

- Dec 20, 2017 -

HDPE film Full Name "high-density polyethylene film", with excellent environmental stress cracking resistance, low temperature, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, as well as a greater use of temperature range ( -60--+60) and longer service life (50).

HDPE Geomembrane Production site HDPE geomembrane full name "high-density polyethylene Geomembrane", with excellent environmental stress cracking performance, low temperature, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, as well as a greater use of temperature range ( -60--+60) and longer service life of 50, widely used in domestic waste landfill seepage control, Solid waste landfill seepage control, sewage treatment plant seepage control, artificial lake seepage control, tailings treatment and other seepage prevention works.

HDPE Composite Geomembrane

HDPE composite Geomembrane with synthetic fiber (or glass fiber) as the reinforcement material, through with the composite geomembrane composite of new geotechnical materials.

The maximum characteristics of warp-knitted composite geomembrane

HDPE composite Geomembrane is different from the general Geomembrane. The most important feature is that the intersection of the warp and weft is not curved, and each is in a straight state. Binding line will be tied firmly, can be more uniform synchronization, under the external force, distribution of stress, and when the external force of the application of tearing the instantaneous, the yarn will be along the initial rip, increase the tearing strength.

Warp knitting composite, that is, the use of warp knitting bundle line in warp, weft and geomembrane fiber layer between the repeated through, so that the three into one. Therefore, the warp-knitted composite geomembrane has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low elongation and waterproof property of Geomembrane. Therefore, the warp-knitted composite geomembrane is a kind of anti-seepage material with reinforcing, isolating and protecting effect. It is a high level of application of geotechnical composites in the world today.

Properties of HDPE Composite Geomembrane

High tensile strength, low elongation, uniform vertical and horizontal deformation, high tearing resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and strong water separation.

Main functions of HDPE composite Geomembrane

1, set seepage control and drainage function in one, at the same time with isolation and reinforcement functions.

2, high composite strength, high peel strength, strong puncture resistance.

3, the drainage capacity is strong, the friction coefficient is big, coefficient small.

4, anti-aging performance, adapt to the wide range of ambient temperature, quality and stability.

HDPE Composite Geomembrane Features:

1, excellent flexibility, anti-seepage, elongation and wear resistance;

2, with good isolation, puncture resistance;

3, no chemical pollution;

4, acid and alkali and a variety of chemical substances, dimensional stability, good adhesion, easy construction.