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- Dec 20, 2017 -

At present, the production and application of geotextiles are developing rapidly, and there are many researches on geotextile, but there are relatively few researches on the aging properties of geotextiles. As a kind of engineering material, the aging performance index of geotextile directly affects the life, safety and reliability of the project. Therefore, the study on the aging performance of geotextiles has high economic and strategic significance. The American Society for Materials and Testing (ASTM) defines geotextiles as: Everything is used in conjunction with foundations, soils, rocks, soil or any other civil material, and as part of a man-made engineering or system. Geotextiles and foundations, soil, rock, soil or other building materials used together, the use of geotextile to strengthen the soil, protection, drainage, filtration, isolation, seepage and other functions. Geotextiles are now known as "four building materials" with cement, steel and wood. Geotextile can be divided into woven geotextile, knitted geotextile and nonwoven geotextile according to different processing methods. Woven Geotextile is currently using a lot of filament weaving machine and flat silk machine weaving, the material mainly polypropylene. Warp-knitted composite geotextile is made of glass fiber (or other synthetic fiber) as reinforcing material, which is compounded by needle-punched nonwoven geotextile. Nonwoven geotextiles mainly have short fiber acupuncture geotextile and long filaments geotextile cloth, the selected synthetic fiber raw materials are mainly polyester, polypropylene, nylon, etc., which mainly use polyester and polypropylene. Whether knitted geotextiles, woven geotextiles or nonwovens, in the processing, storage and use process, susceptible to internal factors and external factors of the common role, its performance gradually deteriorated, so that the last loss of use value of the phenomenon, called aging. This is a common problem of geotextiles, the nature of which is the molecular chain in the polymer structure of the fracture, chemical structure of the changes, macroscopic on the performance of the strength of geotextiles and macro-structural damage, is an irreversible change.

Products are mainly used in highways, railways, tunnels, water conservancy, electricity, soil and water conservation and environmental greening and infrastructure. The main products of anti-seepage materials are: Engineering Maintenance geotextile Specifications: 100 grams-800 grams, polyester fiberglass cloth 125g-150g, composite geomembrane Specifications: A cloth, more detailed

Industry: Waterproof, moisture-proof, sealed building materials

Geo-synthetic materials ① geotextile products are mainly used in highways, railways, tunnels, water conservancy, electricity, soil and water conservation and environmental greening and infrastructure. The main products are: Isolation and maintenance of geotextile specifications: 100 grams-800 grams, polyester fiberglass cloth 125g-150g, composite seepage control composite Geomembrane Specifications: A cloth one membrane, two cloth one membrane, 200 grams m1500 grams, garden greening drainage board, sandwich plate, drain board, plastic bump is mainly used in real estate development of external wall drainage works, underground garage roof drainage works, roof garden green storage and drainage works, residential lawn green storage and drainage projects, sodium base bentonite waterproof blanket, Specifications are sy-12mm, sy-18mm, SY-20MM.HDPE anti-seepage composite geomembrane/eva anti-seepage composite geomembrane LDPE geomembrane (tunnel waterproof board) three-dimensional vegetation network width of 2 meters; 220 g/260 g/350 g/430 grams, Geo Mat EM2 EM3 EM4 width 1.8-2 m. Three-dimensional drainage network, bentonite waterproof blanket, Geo Mat 0.6-3CM,GCL sonar bentonite cushion 4kg-5kg, plastic blind groove diameter 80-250mm, soft water pipe diameter 30-150mm, etc. the main geogrid are: glass grating, polyester grille, plastic grille, Steel-plastic Grille.