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Future Geosynthetics Development Is Very Promising

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Today, geotechnical materials have been used for many years in countless architectural fields around the world. With Geosynthetics, roads, railways, sewers, dams and ditches can be built more easily and at low cost, especially for roads and railways, which can effectively reduce maintenance costs. In general, in industrial textiles, geotechnical materials are the most mature.

The application of Geogrid in the field of construction is very extensive, although we may not be very unfamiliar with the grille, but the type of grille is many, there are fiberglass grille, steel-plastic geogrid, plastic geogrid and so on. Although they all belong to the grille, but due to their different materials, their characteristics and functions will be a certain difference.

Geosynthetics in China's development later, around the middle of the 60, woven geotextile used in river and culvert works. In the early 80, Nonwovens began to be tested in railway engineering and Water Conservancy project, and as of 1986, the total production of geotextile in China was about 1 million square meters. Into the 90 's, geotextile application development Faster, 1992 woven geotextile consumption of up to more than 90 million square meters. Heavy floods occurred in 1998, the amount of woven fabric has exceeded 100 million square meters/year. Nonwoven Geotextile 1995 consumption reached 65 million square meters, so far its use has been more than 100 million square meters/year. According to such a development process, the development of the industry is very potential.