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Development Trend Of Geogrid

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Over the years, the geo-materials industry has been very exciting to show in front of us, this is to pay a certain effort, Anping County Heng Geotechnical Materials Company in the industry for many years, has mastered the development trend of the industry, China's geotechnical engineering materials to establish a huge potential market, Its potential is in no way lower than the amount of 7.8 billion ㎡ in the United States. Geotextile in China will continue to be improved in double digits in the next 20. China in the next 10 years or longer, there will be more infrastructure projects to be set up, the demand for Geogrid will be more and more. The construction of civil engineering has a huge potential market, China will become the world's largest geo-material marketing market.

The Geogrid is a mesh room structure formed by high-strength HDPE broadband and strong welding. It scales freely, the transport can be folded up, the use of open and filled with Earth rock, or concrete materials, forming a strong lateral constraints and large stiffness of the structure. It can be used as a cushion to deal with the increasing capacity of soft foundation, can also be laid on the slope surface protection structure, but also can be used to build retaining structure, construction convenient and quick.