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Concrete Paving Method Of Fiberglass Geogrid

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Fiberglass Geogrid is commonly used with self-adhesive and self-adhesive two kinds, with self-adhesive can be directly in the formation of the grass-roots laying, without self-adhesive, usually nails fixed method.

1, the construction site: The requirements of compaction, horizontal, clear spikes protruding objects.

2, Grille laying: In the flat compaction of the site, the installation of the laying of the grid its main force direction (longitudinal) should be perpendicular to the direction of the embankment axis, laying to flat, no wrinkle, as far as possible tension. With the Insert nail and earth-rock pressure weight fixed, the laying of the main force direction of the grid is the best through the long without joints, the connection between the amplitude and amplitude can be artificially binding lap, lap width is not less than 10cm. If the grille is set above two layers, the seam should be staggered between layers. After a large area is laid, the flatness of the whole should be adjusted. When the cover of a layer of soil, before rolling, should be used manually or machine tension grille, the intensity should be even, so that the grid in the soil for the tension and the state of force.

3, filler selection: Filler should be selected according to the design requirements. The practice has proved that the filler can be used in addition to frozen soil, swamp soil, living garbage, chalk soil and diatomite. However, the mechanical properties of gravel soil and sand soil are stable, and the influence of water content is very small. Filler size must not be greater than 15cm, and pay attention to control the packing gradation to ensure compaction weight.

4, the filler and compaction: when the grille laying positioning, should fill in the soil cover, the bare time may not timeout 48 small is, can also take the side-laying side backfill flow method. First at both ends of the spread of filler, the grille fixed, and then pushed forward to the middle. The order of the Rollers is the first two sides behind the middle. Roller pressure wheel can not directly contact with the ribs, not compacted reinforced body generally does not allow vehicles on the above, so as to avoid dislocation. The layered compaction degree is 20-30cm. Compaction degree must meet the design requirements, which is the key to the success or failure of the reinforced soil project.

5, waterproof and drainage measures: in the reinforced soil engineering, must make good wall drainage treatment inside and outside, to do well, to protect the feet, to prevent erosion, in the soil to set up filtration, drainage measures, if necessary, the installation of geotextile.