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Characteristics And Application Of Geomembrane

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Anti-seepage film is based on the traditional production technology of polyethylene impervious film, technical renovation of production equipment, so that the production of polyethylene impervious film surface formed a granular rough surface, improve the surface of the geomembrane friction, and with the same specifications of the light mask contrast, tensile strength, roughness mask surface roughness, When laying the film, the film and the substrate will form a micro-clamping layer, which can enhance the resistance of the film to the general application of the surface of the slope film body need to cover the friction coefficient of the project

Application range of coarse HDPE impermeable film

Environmental protection, sanitation (such as municipal solid waste landfill, sewage treatment, toxic pest disposal, dangerous goods warehouse, industrial waste, construction and blasting rubbish, etc.)

Water Conservancy (such as river and Lake Reservoir Dam seepage prevention, plugging, reinforcement, drainage seepage control, vertical core wall, slope protection, etc.)

Municipal works (subways, underground works of buildings and roof cisterns, rooftop gardens for seepage prevention, lining of sewer pipes, etc.)

Garden (artificial lake, pond, golf course pond bottom lining, revetment, etc.)

Petrochemical (chemical plant, refinery, gas station oil tank seepage control, chemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank lining, two times lining, etc.)

Mining (washing tank, heap leaching tank, ash field, dissolved pool, sedimentation tank, yard, tailings pond, etc.)

Agriculture (reservoir, drinking pool, impoundment Pond, seepage control of irrigation system)

Aquaculture (fish ponds, shrimp ponds lining, sea cucumber circle revetment, etc.)

Salt (salt crystal pond, brine pool thatch, saline film, Yanchi plastic film)