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Application Prospect Of Geogrid In Highway Industry

- Dec 20, 2017 -

With the development of highway, some new materials are widely used in highway engineering, and they play better economic and social benefits. The use of Geogrid has played an important role in preventing uneven settlement of highway, improving bearing capacity of highway, preventing subgrade rupture and reflective crack, prolonging the service life of highway and guaranteeing the construction quality of highway, and has played its unique advantages. At present, many manufacturers of Geogrid are produced in the market, performance indicators and product use is not the same, the Geogrid according to the force of the product is divided into two-way geogrid and one-way geogrid, according to the material composition of the product is divided into fiberglass geogrid, synthetic geogrid, polypropylene geogrid, steel-plastic composite geotechnical grille. In recent years, polypropylene unidirectional Geogrid has been widely used in the construction of Old road subgrade, which can effectively prevent the uneven settlement of subgrade, longitudinal cracks and the reflection of cracks in the old road.

Although the Geogrid has good mechanical properties, it can play the role of Geogrid more effectively only when the correct construction method is mastered in the construction.