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What are the advantages of Geogrid

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Have we found that some roads have been crushed by cars for a long time and the roads will be gully, resulting in uneven roads. That's because there is no geogrid or damage caused by the ground beneath the pavement. Geogrid, as a geosynthetics, has its unique effect and performance, and can be applied to slag field, Wharf, dam, Highway, Railway, Abutment, road and other fields, can play the role of soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining wall and pavement crack resistance.

Geogrid is generally divided into plastic geogrid, steel-plastic geogrid, fiberglass geogrid and glass fiber polyester geogrid four major categories. Since the Geogrid can be widely used in life, then it has what kind of advantages. Now let us introduce the advantages of Geogrid.

1, strength, creep small, able to adapt to various types of soil, fully meet the high grade highway in the use of large retaining wall.

2, compared with the previous plastic geogrid, it is not only strong bearing capacity, strong corrosion resistance, anti-aging strong, but also has a large strength geomembrane friction coefficient, perforation uniformity, construction convenience, long service life, such as a series of advantages.

3, can effectively constrain the lateral displacement of the land, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, bite effect, effectively improve the load bearing surface of the embedded lock, enhance the stability and firmness of the foundation.

4. Effectively avoid damage caused by mechanical compaction and damage during construction.

5, compared with the traditional grille, more suitable for embankment reinforcement, deep-sea operations, so as to solve other materials due to seawater erosion Cao Zheng corrosion resistance, low strength and short service life shortcomings.