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Main products and main functions of geosynthetics

- Dec 20, 2017 -

As a new geotechnical building material, geosynthetics have a short duration, but they develop quite quickly.

At present, several series of products have appeared. The main products and their main application functions are:

① geotextiles are permeable fabrics made of all synthetic fibres or natural fibres used in geotechnical and civil engineering, mainly for drainage, filtration, isolation, reinforcement, erosion control and protection.

The ② Geogrid is connected to the regular net structure by the tension element, its opening area is much larger than the tension element, and it is applied to the reinforcement;

The ③ geotextile Network is a regular and dense network structure, which is used for conveying liquid and gas.

The ④ Geomembrane is a relatively impermeable polymer sheet, which is used for separating liquid and gas in geotechnical and civil engineering.

⑤ Geotextile Mat is a single fiber bonded to three-dimensional permeable polymer pad for erosion control in the protection of soil particles, bottom feet and micro-fabric;

The ⑥ is a three-dimensional structure which is connected by a fabric, grille or film to form a honeycomb or spider web, and is applied to erosion control and soil conservation.

⑦ geotextile composite materials are combined with two or more geosynthetics for drainage, water cut and reinforcement.