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Grass-roots treatment in grass planting

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Grass-roots treatment for fire-fighting lanes:

1. Planting grass on the fire Engine Road, the compactness of the foundation soil should meet the design requirements of general concrete fire-fighting lanes.

2. The gravel cushion of the fire lane and the method of stabilizing the stone powder are the same as the design requirements of the ordinary concrete fire lanes.

3. To do 80 thick soil layer on the rock powder stable. The method of soil layer is as follows: 30% particle diameter is 10-30 gravel, 15% medium coarse sand, 55% tillage soil and adding right amount of organic fertilizer, three mixing evenly, spreading in the compacted stone powder stable layer, compaction compacted, can be used as grass root grass.

4. Planting grass and planting grasses on grass-roots.

5. It is noteworthy that: if the fire lane as the main passage of the usual vehicles, because of the frequent traffic and speed, which is not conducive to the use of grass-planting and the normal growth of turf, but affect the greening rate and aesthetics, in this case, we suggest that the main vehicle traffic road still use concrete pavement. It is only in the fire emergency situation that the fire-fighting vehicles are on the road with grass-planting pavements. On the other hand, concrete pavement is recommended for the road surface of the car park, while the parking spaces are planted with grass green spaces.