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Geotechnical Grille, Geogrid construction preparation?

- Dec 20, 2017 -

(a) survey lofting and site clean-up

According to the construction specifications and design requirements of the construction site for measurement and lofting. The original ground is cleaned and crushed, the base treatment is treated with the general roadbed filling, and after the test is finished, the roadbed is reclaimed.

When the height of the embankment is reached, the position of the paving geogrid and the Geogrid is determined according to the design requirements when the leveling of Geogrid and Geogrid is completed.

(b) Preparation of materials

The geogrid used in the reinforced reinforcement of the embankment slope is a two-way geogrid, the width of the geogrid is not less than 3.0m, the tensile strength is not less than 30kn/m and the elongation rate is ≤10%.

The Geogrid used for Soft foundation reinforcement using the two-way Geogrid, the use of high-strength polyester fiber, polyester, polyethylene and other materials for soft foundation reinforcement, tensile strength according to calculation, but generally not less than 80kn/m, Geogrid width ≥5.0m, elongation rate ≤10%

When using the drainage consolidation method, the Geogrid can adopt unidirectional Geogrid, the tensile strength is determined according to the calculation, generally not less than 50kn/m.

Geogrid before the laying of the performance of each batch of products by the State authorized by the Quality Supervision and inspection Center for product testing, testing frequency of not less than 3 groups, qualified rear can be laid. The construction quality should conform to the national industry standard "technical specification of railway roadbed geotechnical synthetic materials".