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Geo-synthetic materials technology?

- Dec 20, 2017 -

1. Main technical Content geosynthetics is a new kind of geotechnical engineering material, which is roughly divided into four categories: Geotextile, Geomembrane, special geosynthetics and composite geosynthetics. Special geo-synthetic materials include geotextile mats, geotextile nets, Geogrid, Geogrid, Geomembrane bags and geo-plastic foam. Composite geosynthetics are compounded by the above mentioned materials.

Geosynthetics have six functions such as filtration, drainage, isolation, reinforcement, seepage prevention and protection. At present, domestic has been widely used in construction or civil engineering in various fields, and has successfully studied and developed a complete set of applied technology, roughly including:

(1) Applied Technology of geotextile filter layer.

(2) Applied technology of geosynthetics reinforced cushion layer.

(3) Geotechnical synthetic material reinforced retaining wall, steep slope and wharf shore wall technology.

(4) Application Technology of geotextile soft-body drainage.

(5) Applied Technology of geotextile filling bag.

(6) Bag concrete application technology.

(7) Application of plastic drainage board.

(8) Geomembrane impervious wall and impervious blanket application technology.

(9) Soft water permeable pipe and geotechnical synthetic material drainage blind ditch application technology.

(10) Application of Geotextile to the treatment of subgrade and pavement diseases.

(11) Geotechnical synthetic material three-dimensional net cushion slope protection technology and so on.

(12) geo-membrane sealing technology (soft foundation reinforcement, rubbish dump, reservoir, liquid storehouse, etc.)

2. The technical index conforms to the current national standard "geosynthetics Technical Specification" GB50290 and related standard requirements. The application of geosynthetics in all kinds of engineering can not only solve the technical problems that traditional materials and traditional crafts are difficult to solve, but also obtain remarkable economic benefit, and the project cost can be reduced more than 15%.

3. Application scope of Geosynthetics application technology is very wide. It can be applied in all kinds of building works or civil engineering in the field of geotechnical engineering.