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Application environment and product characteristics of steel-plastic Geogrid

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Steel-Plastic Geogrid has the following characteristics:

1, strength, creep small, adapt to all types of environmental soil, can fully meet the high grade highway in the use of large retaining wall.

2, can effectively improve the load-bearing surface of the embedded lock, occlusal action, a great degree of strengthening the bearing capacity of the foundation, effective constraints on the lateral displacement of soil, enhance the stability of the foundation.

3, compared with the traditional grille has more strength, strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, friction coefficient, perforation uniformity, construction convenience, long service life and so on.

4, more suitable for deep-sea operations, embankment reinforcement, fundamentally solve other materials to make stone cages for a long time by seawater erosion caused by the low strength, corrosion resistance, short service life and other technical problems.

5, can effectively avoid in the construction process by machine crushing, damage caused by construction damage.

Therefore, the steel-plastic geogrid is suitable for a variety of embankment and embankment reinforcement, slope protection, wall reinforcement, large airports, car parks, dock yards, such as permanent load-bearing Foundation reinforcement, with permanent use characteristics. Steel-plastic Geogrid is composed of steel-plastic reinforced with a new process of composite, as the surface of this product is pressed into a regular coarse pattern, it is laid on the soil layer to withstand the great stress and the friction with the fill, which limits the shear, lateral extrusion and uplift of the foundation soil as a whole. Because of the stiffness of the reinforced soil cushion, it is advantageous to spread the load of the upper foundation and transfer it evenly, and distribute it to the soft soil layer, and improve the bearing capacity of the foundation. The reinforced soil cushion not only enlarges the whole rigidity of the foundation in the compression layer, but also helps to adjust the deformation of the foundation, and absorbs the energy of the earthquake well, so its seismic performance is good.