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BI-AXIAL Geogrid Composite

  • BX Geogrid Composite with PET Nonwoven Geotextile
    BX Geogrid Composite with PET Nonwoven Geotextile
    PP Biaxial Geogird composite Is a composite made of bi-axial polypropylene (PP) geogrid, heat bonded to a long fiber non-woven polyester geotextile that acts as a filter and soil separator. This geogrid is manufactured using a punching and drawing process...
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  • PP Biaxial Geogrid Composite
    PP Biaxial Geogrid Composite
    Introduction ●Geo-composite made from PP Biaxial Geogrid boned a Non-oven geotextile fabric, provide combinations of properties not available from single product Applications ◆Slope Protection ◆Erosion Control ◆Channel Protection ◆Sub-grade Reinforcement...
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